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Eurotherm is an industrial products distributor and manufacturer's representative for industrial heating, sensing and control products. They are a process engineering (PE) products company which is able to meet the unique needs of the chemical, fiber, food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.


The Challenge

Previously, the client held 5 different websites. While some were used to only display the client’s PE products, others allowed users to buy PE products online. In the long run, this methodology turned out to be a cumbersome and a cost intensive affair as the client not only found it tough to manage all the products at different websites but also had to work overtime to maintain these websites. It was then that we got onboard with the client to give their website development projects a facelift, working from scratch with them. Another demand of the project was to extensively customize each and every PE product which got uploaded on the website. Special care had to be taken to define different attributes for different products and simultaneously ensure smooth transition within the website’s internal pages.


Our Approach

Owing to extensive product customizations and the large PE product inventory, RNF Technologies recognized that Magento would be the best ecommerce platform for this project. We also started researching and gathering enough knowledge around the client’s PE products as it would act as an important cogwheel when we eventually upload products online.


Eurotherm Online

Since all the products were displayed and sold across multiple platforms, it was first essential to compile them on one spreadsheet and then study them. The client’s products needed to be so extensively customized that each product needed to list out different components and subcomponents from which a user could choose from. The customer’s choices coupled with his/her budget constraints helped the website generate the perfect PE product for purchase. Essentially, every component and subcomponent acted as a product in itself which when joined together formed a PE product. This only reiterated our focus on not only developing a robust code for the website, but also spend enough time on the project’s R&D. Working hand-in-hand with the coders were the project’s UI/UX experts who delivered the website with the right look and feel. Using the client’s internal template, we priced instruments board by board and replicated it for the website.

RNF Technologies provided custom web design services to Eurotherm

The Result

Although it is still early days to give out exact metrics, the website has helped the client garner new traffic from all across North America. Our project success and client satisfaction can be measured from the fact that we signed another project with the client on similar grounds.

Team Involvement

Team Size
Key Highlights
  • Appealing UI &
    elegant design
  • Magento enabled with
    extensive product

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