RNF provides hybrid app development services, building cross-platform apps on Xamarin & Phonegap


With the growth of personally owned devices skyrocketing, the need of the hour is to work on hybrid platforms which assist us in creating large-scale, UI-optimized, cross-platform mobile applications. Hybrid application development allows for a unique mix by combining the features and capabilities from the native application along with HTML5. While native applications can boost speed and maximize features, web-based apps offer a cost-effective way to provide compatibility with different platforms. Hybrid mobile app development combines the best of both worlds and allows you to reach a wider audience. It is a perfect combination of distinct elements, technologies and approaches, which leverages both web and native mobile technologies. The credit to this feat goes to the simplicity of the development process, as the tools used in the process are based on the most common languages used for scripting. This is possible through two of the most popular hybrid app creating platforms namely Xamarin & PhoneGap.

We are a Xamarin app development company using this highly popular technology to deliver cross-platform mobile app within your budget


With over a million developers using Xamarin, in more than 120 countries around the world - we utilize our technical expertise in this relatively new arena for applications that are complex, interactive, and targeted for multiple platforms.

Anything you can do in Objective-C, Swift or Java, you can do in C#. Using the same language, APIs and data structures, the developers can share an average of 75% of app code across all mobile development platforms. And unlike the other cross-platform tools, Xamarin makes it possible to utilize the best of everything along with an addition of powerful new features. With a combination of advanced features and the ability to break several technical limitations, Xamarin is the future of app building platforms. Working with developers specializing in the platform, we make sure we exploit Xamarin to the core, in order to create a fantastic cross-platform mobile app within your budget.

RNF Technologies also being a phonegap app development company delivers cross-platform apps with the quality & stability native platforms provide, incurring much less costs


PhoneGap is one hybrid platform which is bridging the gap between web development and mobile applications. Hundreds and thousands of developers around the world dedicated to web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, have adopted PhoneGap as their holy-grail to create cross-platform apps for almost every domain. PhoneGap, boasting of an extensive plugins database, supports any device capability that a native app can. Compared to other hybrid platforms, PhoneGap has amassed a vast community network very early into the mobile app development arena.

We at RNF Technologies make sure we’re using this platform to the fullest, by making mobile apps with the quality & stability native platforms provide, incurring much less costs.


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