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Mobile Application Development

Our multi-platform mobile application development solutions are aimed at providing businesses the much-needed impetus in this highly competitive global business market. We use robust technology to develop mobile apps for the three common platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows with one agile app development method. Whether its Hybrid or Native, we hold the expertise to deliver functional, visually appealing, and feature-rich mobile apps.

With our mobile solutions, we offer you the ability to provide internal and external users with easy-to-use, sleek, and productive apps that provide real-world engagement. To cover every dimension of the quality of the solution offered, we majorly focus on cross-platform coverage, user experience design, scalability, security & compliance, and accelerated delivery. There is more to mobile application than just lines of code. We deliver excellent performance with the help of our development team that boasts of experienced developers who have extensive knowledge of enterprise and programming applications. Testing every possible app interaction is important, and our skilled QA team does this job thoroughly before the app is deployed for public use. An app that is built keeping the target audience in mind is likely to deliver the desired results. It is all about making the app users discover the difference, which will bring repeat users and deliver a superior brand experience.

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Web Application Development

Web applications are a great way of delivering web-based solutions that can be accessed from a wide range of platforms and devices. They are gaining an upper-hand over desktop applications as they are easy to scale, update, and distribute. As these applications can be accessed by a huge number of users at the same time, we believe that they are the future; and more crucially, one of our core offerings. Web apps can either be hosted on secured networks internally or provide information in a secured manner over the internet.

We use an array of different technologies to design and develop web apps, including PHP, Adobe ColdFusion, and MySQL amongst others. Our web application developers have spent a number of years developing web apps for clients, who want to manage information in a flexible and secure way.

RNF Technologies takes care of everything from design and development to testing and support. You just have to come to us and communicate clearly your requirements, and the rest will be done by our expert team of developers. Based on your inputs and our discussions with you, we will prepare a detailed proposal featuring the phases of development, time needed, and cost amongst other things.

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Product Development Consulting

A crucial part of business success is to create innovative products to meet customer needs and achieve competitive edge. Product development is a complex and challenging process that combines many activities that are individually and interdependently critical. Amongst these activities are research, risk assessment, quality, development, cost analysis, marketing, corporate strategy, regulatory compliance, portfolio management, and launch preparation. We address all of these complex aspects by implementing professional project management to your endeavors.

We start by building the innovation framework that you can use to turn your concepts into product, and take them to market on-time, on-budget. With an effective product development plan in place, you are more likely to better respond to market trends. RNF Technologies helps you diligently execute your product development projects. We bring projects that are over budget, falling short of momentum or alignment, or missing milestones, on track. Our product development consulting services can help motivate and realign your team towards unified success. With our experience in the product development domain, we are aware of the processes and initiatives that can help you achieve your goals. Product development is a critical competency that needs professional assistance to help you achieve competitive advantage. Learn how we can help.

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IT Recruitment Solutions

We are one of the leading providers IT recruitment solutions, building long-lasting relationships by delivering genuine value through effectively meeting immediate and future recruitment needs of our clients. We specialize in research, consultancy, selection, and recruitment for companies in the IT industry; thus, enabling success of IT projects. We offer permanent recruitment as well as contracting solutions. Our personalized IT recruitment solutions, established keeping commitment to quality, ethical principles, and respect for human values at the forefront, offer added value to companies and applicants alike.

Our solutions are devised keeping a balance between the needs of our clients and ensuring that candidates pursue their desired career path. We completely understand that your business success depends on finding the right people with the right skills. With every placement, we help you get a step closer to accomplishing outstanding business performance. With our knowledge and network, we can offer you access to the most skillful IT professionals around. We hold great expertise in this field, and our role and objective is to assist you in finding, recruiting, and retaining the most talented people.

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Hybrid Staff Augmentation Services

Our Hybrid Staff Augmentation services model combines the best of both worlds – Onshore management and Offshore talent. With this model, we help you extend your business capabilities. Our methodologies, process, and solutions are designed to support your needs in the most responsive, pragmatic, and cost-effective manner. Over the years, we have come to be known for rapid response and deployment, allowing you to not lag behind on a crucial project or wait for services. Our cutting-edge technical skills with IT consulting services are a result of our talented pool of professionals, who boast exceptional collaborative, management, and interactive skills. This ensures that every one of our clients has talented and well-rounded professional people who can do justice to their roles and tackle any business situation with aplomb.

Whether you need talented staff for a special project, want to outsource the upgrades maintenance of the current system, or are implementing a completely new system that requires addition to your IT resources, we have you all covered. Our staff augmentation services are perfect for these instances and more. We will help you take on more serious challenges, wider range of projects, small as well as large, with experienced and talented resources.

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