RNF Technologies can help accomplish your web application development projects by building web apps across popular platforms like Codeigniter, Yii, Drupal etc

Web Apps

The advantage of custom web applications is that they are tailored exactly to the way your business works. Whether you need to build a custom web app from scratch, migrate your legacy backend, or streamline existing front-end functionality, we can accomplish that in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Having worked with funded startups, fast growth companies, and proven enterprises, our team has extensive experience in developing custom web applications of scale. Our work with startups ensures that our team stays on the forefront of technology, and our work with enterprises mandates scaleable architecture and meticulous brand cohesion. RNF Technologies is your technology partner in all phases of the development project, working with you to design, develop and test solutions that complement and enhance existing system architecture. Our experience of working with a range of eclectic clients, helps us create responsive websites that not only astound users but also forge business relationships for years to come.

A professional website design company offering web application development services on Codeigniter

Code Igniter

A powerful PHP framework with high enterprise adoption rate, Codeigniter's vast accolades and acceptance among developers has made it one of the most popular open source software development frameworks to build dynamic websites with PHP.

CodeIgniter enables developers execute faster deployment by empowering them with a rich set of libraries of commonly needed tasks, and an easy to access interface. Our developers can work on projects of any size, complexity or magnitude to deliver high-performance, scalable & robust CodeIgniter apps using frameworks different features & libraries. Given our hands-on experience working on large scale CodeIgniter projects across industry verticals, we can help you align your web applications to support your long-term business goals and needs.

As one of the leading Codeigniter development companies, we build professional PHP based web applications

Why Code Igniter?

  • Supple Architecture
  • SuppHighly Adjustable
  • High Compatibility with other PHP solutions
  • Great Flexibility
  • Object Oriented PHP library
RNF Technologies is a Los Angeles based web development company building custom PHP websites on Yii


Yii, pronounced as “Yee” with extended form “Yes it is”, is an attempt to overcome the drawbacks of traditional PHP frameworks, carrying some exciting new features.. With an increase in popularity of PHP and its vast open source community, the Yii framework is recognized as one of the fastest, most professional and secure frameworks to use in a PHP project.

With Yii , most suitable for enterprise applications, the developers and programmers are given maximum control in terms of project configuration while conforming to feasible enterprise development guidelines. Since the year it got released, Yii framework development has paced to give users what previous PHP frameworks lacked. Our skilled team of Yii developers work overtime leveraging Yii framework’s consistent and impressive performance in creating responsive designs.

You can now develop quality web applications and develop web products using Yii

Why Yii?

  • Fastest & Most Secure PHP Framework
  • Integrated with AJAX Enabled Widgets
  • Model-View-Controller(MVC) Based Structure
  • Avoid Repetitive Coding
  • Comprehension Extensive Library
RNF offers custom web development services in Los Angeles using Zend as its flagship PHP based framework


With over 300 million web applications largely written in PHP developed globally, Zend is a popular PHP based framework, giving an easy & seamless development environment. The websites and web applications developed on this high-level framework are extremely scalable, secure and robust.

RNF Technologies offers end-to-end customized Zend development solutions for your business enterprise. Our research and development team constantly strives to improvize the development procedure and put forward the most optimum solutions available across the marketplace. Zend enables development of a wide variety of web applications like portal, business module etc. along with high-end, cost-effective solutions. It requires less time to develop a website based on Zend in comparison to usual PHP development.

A web application design and development company in Los Angeles actively producing Zend based websites

Why Go For Zend?

  • High Performance
  • Massive Scalability
  • Enterprise Level Production Support
  • Enhanced Flexibility & Adaptability
  • Agile Methodology
Laravel is a highly helpful tool which augments RNF’s web development services in Los Angeles


Relatively a new and extremely powerful web application in the cache of PHP, Laravel is an exceptionally helpful tool that can assist in developing more sustainable and better codes in a short span of time. Laravel eases the web application development, thus enabling high end applications with out of the box features and powerful websites.

Committed to serving the best of the technologies, our team of Laravel developers makes us deliver the most versatile and flexible solution. Our acute-minded Laravel developers are ready to conceptualize your idea and implement them regardless of the complexity. Whether it is a front facing website or integral management system, Laravel applications provide an amazing tool for your business that can drive huge success with greater velocity than ever.

Laravel is a commonly used PHP framework used by one of the leading web design & development firms in Los Angeles

Why use Laravel Framework?

  • Faster Deployment
  • Amazing Migration
  • Intelligently Designed
  • Multilingual
  • In-Built Security Tools
RNF develops Drupal based web applications offering responsive website design services and custom web application development


Drupal is a PHP written open-source Content Management System (CMS) and issued under the terms of GPL. It is a full-fledged, extensively flexible CMS with thousands of add-ons, modules and templates to develop websites that meet your business goals.

1.5% internet websites globally have been designed on the Drupal platform and the platform itself is designed upon PHP and MySQL. Its vibrant features can be used to create business websites, government internet sites, weblogs etc. Drupal connects a website to other sites and services across the web through aggregation, feeds, search engine connection capabilities, and social media integration. Drupal allows designers to create highly usable web application frameworks and engage users with an interactive experience.


Why use Drupal for Web Apps ?

  • Highly Secure
  • Open Source
  • High Flexibility
  • Advanced Functionalities
  • Free Modules
We are one of the top web design companies in Los Angeles creating highly secure web applications on Drupal

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