The transformation in digital technologies has changed the concept of connectivity in the past few years. Cutting edge innovation in software is affecting almost every industry today. New digital platforms are enabling enterprises to develop a deeper connect with their customers, partners, and employees. Each developer at RNF Technologies has an acute understanding of the tremendous benefits a well executed application can bring to a business. From SaaS, PaaS and a broad spectrum of technologies required for mobile app development to cloud solutions and much more, RNF Technologies helps transform your business, accelerate workflows, improve operational efficiency, increase customer engagement and generate profit from the digital revolution.



46% of companies believe that there are performance challenges because of the lack of cross-functional collaboration. As long as there are business organizations, there will always be a need for Environment, Health, and Safety elements, without the existence of which it wouldn’t be possible to function for them. EH&S concerns have only evolved with time and have become more complex, which makes it all the more reason to tackle them with new and better technologies.

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Startups & SME’s

Startups have a tremendous passion for driving innovation in the competitive market, and we just love it. Crafting a novel technology, sophisticated device, or indispensable component that would make a dent in the market — what can be more exciting? We were also once a startup and besides fostering our own growth over the past several years, we are now looking to shepherding countless other companies from dreams to corporate success stories.

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The Internet industry has grown by over 30% in the past year. As Internet enters new markets around the globe, people and companies are now ever so dependant on the Internet for their daily needs. Firms are constantly evolving and adapting to the changing conditions of this environment to not only survive but also make fast and disruptive moves to stay ahead of the changes. From Uber to Airbnb, Internet has re-defined the way we lead our everyday lives.

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As new mobile technologies become more and more accessible, today’s hyper-connected consumers are increasingly demanding instant, on-the-go experiences. The retail landscape is drastically changing. No longer confined to high street, consumer behaviors are evolving, as more shoppers become comfortable with browsing and buying a wide array of products online. For retailers and brands, this comes as a double edged sword. While on one hand they can vouch for a greater share of the pie, on the other hand they also risk losing out to more mobile and tech savvy firms.

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Healthcare providers must transform their organizations to improve patient care and safety, reduce costs, meet increasing security and regulatory demands and support new government healthcare initiatives. Mobility in healthcare has skyrocketed in recent times. Today, technology stands at the forefront of bridging gap between healthcare and stakeholders to create a globally connected healthcare eco-system, something not possible earlier. With a touch of the screen, vital medical assessment parameters and reports are made available to doctors and patients alike. This is essentially re-defining modern health care systems the world over.

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The chemical industry is in a continuous pressure to increase their productivity and hence enhance their profit margin. One of the main challenges is fulfilling customer expectations which are increasing day-by-day. Customers have mobile devices with them and expect rapid responses on all kinds of business matters. Mobility solutions have changed the working environment of the chemical companies. It has improved working style of the entire supply chain, procurement, and sales department. Technology has a brought positive change in the chemical industry.

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Financial Services

The Financial Services industry is experiencing wild growth as FinTech startups build world-changing, disruptive financial solutions. It is now more important than ever to ensure that companies develop software and mobile applications that facilitate success without bogging business down in unnecessarily complex workflows. Banks and financial institutions are now more than ever providing users a stress free approach to access a wide variety of banking services from the comfort of their drawing rooms.

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