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Game Development

As the most popular category of apps, games have the potential to reach an incredible number of users. Whether passing a few minutes with a casual puzzle or getting engrossed in an interactive storyline, mobile device users love games. Our desire to bring out the best in you fuels all our iPhone, iPad and Android game designs. The growth of Apple iOS and Android OS has propelled mobile game development to another orbit. Until a few years back, more mobile game development companies were focusing on console based games, but now, many individual game developers and professional mobile game development companies are actually focusing on iOS and Android based mobiles games. When we create an iOS or Android game for you, our only objective is to help you win more customers for your business ! Our breath-taking game graphics and user friendly UI for the mobile games we develop is a result of careful research and planning. So, try us today. Let us galvanize you with irresistible fun & productivity.

If you are looking to harness the hidden potential of mobile games, we will build mobile apps for you

Mobile Games - A Sleeping Giant

  • A $99.6 billion industry : With expected revenues primed to surpass those of PCs & consoles, the in-app purchases and ads have driven revenue up by 21%. Mobile is now at the heart of every game company’s strategy and the future of gaming.
  • Exclusive branding & promotions : Brands are now exploiting the maximum potential of mobile gaming to enhance their brand image and build deep engagement with their target audience. If you are a brand or an enterprise who has never considered of building a mobile game for branding and advertising before, this is the best time to consider it !
  • Smart investment with high returns : Mobile games have a high ROI. By building robust, fun games with reduced production costs, net profits are always expected to soar high.
  • Diverse audience & user base : From toddlers to senior citizens, mobile games keep everyone hooked with their exciting features and game-play, promising an elaborate profile of gaming enthusiasts.
  • Engaging user experience with quick turnaround time : 3-D graphics and latest gaming technology promises you of an experience like never before.
We are a software company in Los Angeles with a heavy focus put on developing and producing gaming apps

Let Us Galvanize You!

  • Cross-Platform - Develop once, and deploy across all mobile platforms charming game enthusiasts from iOS to Android.
  • Ads Integration - Win, impress and retain your users by integrating relevant and perfectly placed ads in games
  • Push Notifications - With an instantaneous pop-up on every mobile device no one ever misses an update & everyone is kept informed.
  • In-App Purchases - Build a robust business model by monetizing your gaming application through exclusive in-app game purchases .
  • Social Sharing - Go viral with seamless social media integration by sharing your latest in-game achievements and engaging audiences worldwide .

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