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Deliver the most unique experience to your users through your wearable apps with us!

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As a leading wearable app development company, RNF caters to the specific
requirements and demands for wearable application development services of our clients.
From creating mockups and wearable app development to testing, support, and more, we are an end-to-end wearable app development company!

Our Work

Our Wearable App Development Services

Wearable App

Wearable App Development

We use the latest wearable app development practices to integrate scalability and on-device & web interface optimization for data visualization.

Wearable App

Wearable App Upgradation

As a leading wearable app development company, we carry out complete up-gradation of your wearable apps to ensure an advanced and smooth experience for your users.

Wearable App
UI/UX Design

Wearable App UI/UX Design

We create highly interactive wearable apps that meet complex requirements through embedded programming and display for wearable devices.

Wearable App

Wearable App Maintenance

We ensure your wearable app is timely maintained and upgraded by fixing bugs, whenever required, to maintain a consistent popularity among your users.

Wearable App

Wearable App Testing

We test your wearable apps using powerful testing methodologies like emulation-based testing to ensure its complete functioning and smooth user experience.


Performance Enhancement

With our performance enhancement services for your wearable apps, we add third-party integrations and use the latest technologies to tackle any issues.

Work With THE BEST

As a leading wearable app development company, RNF develops wearable apps for all industries. From healthcare & education to media, and more, we create comprehensive & easy-to-use wearable apps.

Wearable app developers follow AGILE & SCRUM methodology to ensure the fast delivery of top-notch wearable application development services to our clients.

Our developers regressively test our wearable app to ensure their delivery in the best functional state to you! We also offer support to ensure consistent updates and performance of our wearable apps.

RNF has been in the development market for over a decade! We have a team of dedicated wearable app developers who can cater to all kinds of your unique wearable application development requirements.

Our Wearable App Development Process

Requirement Analysis

  • Wearable app development requirement analysis.
  • Team setup for quality wearable app development.
  • NDA & Contract Finalization
  • Mockup creation to begin development.


  • SCRUM methodology to ensure fast delivery.
  • Regressive U/A testing of individual modules.
  • Wearable Application Deployment

Support & Maintenance

  • Server monitoring & technical support
  • Monitor and fix bugs
  • Regular updates

Technologies for Wearable App Development

Our wearable app developers use the most competent frontend technologies and frameworks to develop apps for wearable devices. Depending on the type of your wearable device - fitness trackers, head-mounted display, eyewear or more, we create the most innovative wearable apps for your users.

The backend infrastructure of your wearable app needs to be robust to ensure a flawless user experience. As a leading wearable app development company, RNF creates a reliable backend infrastructure in our wearable apps to ensure consistent performance and user interaction of your wearable device.

To ensure productive wearable app development, our wearable app developers use the latest Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing top-notch wearable apps for your devices. We use the most useful integrations and plugins to ensure the best functioning of our wearable apps.

Regressive testing is an integral part of the entire wearable app development process. From platform testing & device field testing to mobile app testing, automated application testing and more, we test our wearable apps under extreme parameters before delivery.


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