Mobile EH&S Safety at your fingertips

Access what you need, when you need it.

Have your contractors complete all your forms & download all the required documents from the ease of their phones. Mobile EH&S enables you to reach your team anytime anywhere & make your safety procedure truly effortless.

Being able to upload, download, view and print forms, procedures, reports and booklets gives you and your team freedom from having to carry and arrange loads of paperwork when you are on the field. Let go of the stress of misplacing your documents. Simply upload them to the App and get easy access whenever required.

EH&S has never been simpler!

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Features of Mobile EH&S Application

Search Function

Search Function

Use keyword recognition for quick access to critical information. Avoid the hassle and confusion of not finding the correct information at the correct time. Streamline what you need and use the search feature for quick information.



Receive site status and safety related updates as notifications on the App. Do not miss out on any important update and focus on things that need your urgent attention.



Input observation data, conduct surveys and provide feedback all from the ease of your phone. This feature makes work a lot more productive and quick. It gets rid of the hassle of maintaining Survey sheets and keeping physical record.



Save important documents and locations for prompt retrieval. Bookmark anything for ease of access and avoid the stress of skimming through multiple documents to find that one thing you are looking for.

Download PDF forms

Download PDF forms

The In- App printing feature enables you to print from anywhere, from any device and capture and share data on the go.



Reference Safety Rules, Standards, and Procedures right from the App itself. Timely information can help workers save time in a critical situation and get to a solution faster. Coupled with the smart keyword search, this feature is a boon.

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Benefits of Mobile EH&S

Strengthening the Safety Culture

Make it easy for your workers to contribute to the safety culture of your organization. Not only will it strengthen employee engagement, but also convince workers that they have an important role to play in safety. EHS mobile apps allow workers to easily report observations of unsafe behaviors or conditions, and near misses, directly from the field.


Capturing More Accurate Data to Get Better Insights

With an EHS mobile app, you can enter data right away with just a few taps, including images and videos that can provide crucial information to incident investigators. More accurate data can be captured, whereas witnesses to an incident who are interviewed a few days after the event may already forget some details. When more accurate data is available, better insights can be generated on hazards and risks present in the workplace.


Enabling Greater Risk Awareness

Since EHS mobile apps are extensions of a central EHS management software platform, they help to establish visibility into frontline operations and work projects performed by employees or contractors. Establishing greater visibility into all operations allows you to see where the risks are, and react more quickly. A workplace injury caused by an unknown risk is bad, but it’s even worse when an injury is caused by a known risk that is taking weeks to make it through the process before controls are put in place.


Protecting Workers

Since time is of the essence, real-time safety alerts on mobile devices constitute the best way to keep employees safe when hazardous conditions occur.


Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Digitization empowers workers to conduct an audit or inspection from anywhere and anytime, and reduces the risk of error that can be caused by collecting data and separately entering it later in the system.

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