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The Financial Services industry is experiencing wild growth as FinTech startups build world-changing, disruptive financial solutions. It is now more important than ever to ensure that companies develop software and mobile applications that facilitate success without bogging business down in unnecessarily complex workflows. Banks and financial institutions are now more than ever providing users a stress free approach to access a wide variety of banking services from the comfort of their drawing rooms.

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  • Mobile banking has re-shaped the way people interact with their banking systems today. From money transfer, to depositing cheques to viewing account balance and even submitting an insurance claim, mobility in banking and finance has brought a revolution like no other. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. WIth an increasingly robust security system, people are more & more comfortable with using third-party apps to make payments and using mobile wallets. A consequence of today’s digital age.
  • Gone are the days when people stood in queues outside banks to deposit money and devoted their entire day to banking related tasks. With an increase in accessibility to Internet the world over, it is but natural for people to move towards app based banking. Financial institutions recognizing this dynamic shift in customer behaviour are now digging deeper into IT consulting in an attempt to add immense value to their existing banking products by enriching customer experience with a cogent mobile app.
  • Cloud computing provides organizations with the flexibility to scale without having to worry about burgeoning costs of storage infrastructure and geographical challenges, nurturing a symbiotic and agile work environment. Organizations are looking to build, integrate or manage private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructures, or even re-platform their web applications in the cloud.

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